Family. Loyalty. Honor. Respect.

As a family motorcycle club originating in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are comprised of brothers and sisters of diverse races, backgrounds, and faiths. We ride cruisers, sportbikes, and baggers of all makes and models.

From the Old Norse “úlfr” meaning “wolf,” and “heim” meaning “hall, or home,” we are Úlfrheim, the Hall of the Spirit Wolf.

We strive to serve our community at large, with a special focus on bringing awareness to the PTSD that affects so many of our military veterans and their families. You are not alone – we are here for you, and we ARE you.

We enjoy the freedom of the road, our families, and our country – freedoms protected by great sacrifice.

What is ásatrú?

The gods are alive, well, and eager to party.

- Diana Paxson

While Úlfrheim’s members come from many faiths, or no faith at all, the majority of us are aligned with Ásatrú, which is a reconstruction of the old Norse-based religion of Scandinavia.

We embrace personal responsibility, courage, and loyalty, and look to the gods to guide us on the path of reaching our highest potential. We do not petition them for favors, but we thank them for what we have, and request the strength to face life’s challenges.

All friends are welcome to join when we gather around the fire to pass the drinking horn and celebrate the changing of the seasons, growing families, and achievements worth bragging about. We honor and remember those who have left us to journey to their final destination.

We affirm that life is what’s happening right here, right NOW, in this world, rather than something to be endured until we reach the afterlife. We are here NOW, and this moment alone is our locus of power.

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